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Pride and Prejudice

Published November 26, 2007

LibriVox recording of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Read by Karen Savage.

Pride and Prejudice is the most famous of Jane Austen’s novels, and its opening is one of the most famous lines in English literature - “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Its manuscript was first written between 1796 and 1797, and was initially called First Impressions, but was never published under that title. Following revisions it was published on 28 January 1813 by the same Mr. Egerton of the Military Library, Whitehall, who had brought out Sense and Sensibility. Like both its predecessor and Northanger Abbey, it was written at Steventon Rectory. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Download M4B (285MB)

Source Librivox recording of a public-domain text
Run time 10:23:00


Reviewer: librivoxbooks - - May 5, 2015
Subject: @gracephotosonthego
You can find other books by this same reader using the LibriVox catalog page. Click on the "catalog page" link in the description, then click on the reader's name anywhere on the page. This will bring up a list of all works she has read for. Look for solo projects in the list, and you're golden. :)
Reviewer: gracephotosonthego - - April 26, 2015
Subject: Enjoyed
I really enjoyed how she read the book. I myself would have not been able to read the 1st couple of chapters myself. I am glad for this website. I also selected the same book read by different people. I listen to the first chapter of the book read, and I though she gave the book a warm feeling. I al looking at other books that she has read. I wish it was easier to look for books read by the reader too.
Reviewer: mkaney - - March 27, 2013
Subject: Great story, but...
Classic novel, great period piece story but he narrator reads far to quickly...
Reviewer: lreader - - October 7, 2012
Subject: Nicely read
Karen Savage delivers the dialogue well, adding the correct intonation and emphasis, which some other readings occasionally get wrong, which can be slightly confusing at times. For example, the line "Tease calmness of manner and presence of mind!" should be read in a sceptical, questioning tone. This reader gets it right.
Some of the other readings also seem to use an incorrect text, for example confusingly omitting the word "I" in "No, no — I feel he may defy us there". Or maybe the original text was like that? Either way, this version seems to match the current Gutenberg text.
Reviewer: randomdude123 - - January 2, 2011
Subject: Awful
Horrible book...'nuff said
Reviewer: aimzzz - - June 9, 2010
Subject: Dry humor well read
Classic Austen droll take on the society of her era. Karen Savage's carried off Austen's dry humor with a wonderfully "innocent" approach.
Reviewer: n4c4c4 - - June 8, 2010
Subject: Pride & Prejudice
I love this book! I enjoy reading and this was the first time I heard the audio book. Love it, Love it!
Reviewer: Sorker - - March 28, 2010
Subject: Superb Reader
The best reader I've heard yet. Expressive, clear, engaging, good enunciation. Fast, yes, but she got through the entire book in about 10 hours and that's good, especially for a book of which we all know the plot. I singed up for a LIbrivox account for the purose of being able to add my commendation to this reading.
Reviewer: - - September 16, 2009
Subject: Pride and Prejudice
I find pride and prejudice to be one of the most boring books ever written.
Reviewer: ljvt - - August 29, 2009
Subject: Fantastic!
Karen you did an amazing job of reading this. Thanks so much. I forgot what a wonderful book this was.
Reviewer: Raja Valiveti - - June 2, 2009
Subject: Great Reading
Karen Savage did a brilliant job.
Reviewer: David Sanchez - - April 19, 2009
Subject: Nice..!
I finaly finish this audiobook. I must say I did not like the plot and I finish it because it was effortless given Karen Savage reading.

I do not yet understand the motivations of characters and found too superficial the English society of the time, but I guess that would be a review for Jane Austin, not Karen Savage.

Karen Save brings a nice British accent, very different from other Audiobooks. Sometimes she looses it a bit, and American English comes in (Especially in vowels), but most of the time she manages to give an adequate old-fashioned speech which facilitates immersing into the time and plot.

Sometimes, nonetheless she speaks too fast. I had trouble imagining 19-century-British people speaking that fast, considering the kind of vocabulary they use. Ms. Savage is very good with words, but I believe not everyone in the 19th century would be so proficient and in such a hurry. Although, I could be wrong.

Nice work and may be the only way I would have "read" this book.
Reviewer: mmaegan - - March 6, 2009
Subject: Great Reader!!
Absolutely Wonderful!! Excellent reading! This version is far more preferable to others available.
Reviewer: CasualListener - - January 5, 2009
Subject: Heavily funny!
How could one not enjoy this wonderful novel?
The reading style is great and the story, well there's no need to praise that.
Anyway I found the pace a little too fast, sometimes, for me to grasp some of the long, articulate, Austen's sentences, but that's not of any impediment to the enjoyment of the whole and it's certainly my problem only.

A must listen to, for everyone.
Reviewer: iags1992 - - December 28, 2008
Subject: what a excellent job!
oh,dear,you read the book so dramatically,and i really admire you!
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